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Nov 16, 2012

Is there a quick way to align objects (like check marks) if I move them around on the slide, and then want them to all align at a specific horizontal point?  I know how to use the distribute fuction, but if I want to align them to a speficic horizontal point that is not left, right, or middle, how can I quickly do that?

Thank you always... Lisa

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vivek,

I played around with it this AM, and I think it's dependent on the size and location of the objects. For example, I placed a rectangle and a moon shape of about the same size on opposite ends of the slide and choose align to center and it moved both objects about half way to where they met in the center, and then aligned their center points. But which ever one was on top/in front of the other object - stayed in that position if they were to overlap. 

Koby Long

Sorry, I know this thread is a bit old but, to be clear, If I have one box where I want it and I have another (or many others) that I would like to align with the first box without the first box moving. Is there a means of easily accomplishing this? I know in other programs you can identify the "master" box. Is that a thing in SL?

Duke Intraprasert

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the video. However, it did not quite solve my problem. It seems to only work if the primary object is bigger or at least the same size as the rest. If the primary object is smaller then SL will choose the bigger object as a primary and move the smaller ones to align center with the biggest object. 

Please see that attachment, (I duplicated just some of the objects so that you can see clearer)

Is there a way to align both textboxes to the center of the Oval shape without moving the oval, as it is already in a perfect position in the slide?

Ren Gomez

Hi Duke,

Thanks for reaching out. I tried to replicate your scenario and came across the same experience. If you Align Center, the larger object will be the point of reference. If you Align Left, the leftmost object will be the point of reference. 

In your scenario, I would take the extra step to align the larger textbox first, then select Align Center. Hope this helps!

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