Alignment issue for Flash import into Storyline

Hey guys,

I am having a problem. I tried importing a flash file (720x540) into Storyline (stage size 720x540). It fits perfectly in the slide but when I publish it and view the output, there is some mis-alignment. Any idea why this occurs?

For now I have a temporary fix where I move the flash file in the slide outwards to the left a little and towards the top a little more to compensate. But if there is a proper solution to this, I would be grateful to know.

Thanks ! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Suraj,

Without taking a look at it, it's hard to say - but there are some elements you may want to check that cause odd behavior in Storyline:

If you're able to check those items above and still experience issues, can you share this portion of the Storyline project with us? If you can't share here in the forums, I can send you directions to share it with me privately.