All Caps & Arial is not working in master slides

Apr 18, 2018


we use Storyline 3 and experience some issues with our template file which was created in Storyline 2.

First, the setting "All caps" cannot be automatically applied to titles. We enabled "All caps" in our master slides. However, even though is enabled in the master slide, it is not applied to slides we apply the layout to. Instead, we have to select the text manually, disable and enable "All caps" again.

Furthermore, we only want to use the font "Arial". However, if we use "All caps", it automatically switches to "Arial Heading". At the respective master slide, we selected "Arial".

And we have some trouble with text fields as well: "Arial Body" is automatically applied to some master slides, but not to all. And we cannot change this setting. We only want to have "Arial".

Do you have any suggestion how we could solve these issues?

Kind regards,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Birgit,

We're seeing some trouble with all caps formatting in the Slide Master in both Storyline 2 and Storyline 3. If you want to use all caps for slide titles, I would suggest selecting that option manually on the slide. 

The Arial font should be the same as Arial Heading and Arial Body. It sounds like you may have Arial set up as the heading and body font, as shown in the screenshot below.

Do you see a difference between Arial font as compared to Arial Heading and Arial Body?

Birgit Koerfer

Dear Alyssa,

thank you for your reply. Now we understand what Arial Body and Arial Heading means. We just got confused because in some of our projects we got the following error message:

Since it told us, that these fonts were missing, we thought Arial Body and Arial Heading were some other fonts. But we solved the issue. We think that one template from us was created with a German Storyline version and, since we now use all English versions, it could not find simply the theme fonts.

Since we don't use the template anymore, we deleted the respective master slide and the issue was solved. Replacing the title and body fields did not help.

In our export (Word and LMS), we sometimes actually have the issue that Arial is replaced with OpenSans. But it does not seem to be connected to this issue. 

This issue caused also a lot of crashed we were selecting a template. Since we removed the template completely, Storyline 3 runs very stable.

Kind regards,


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