Storyline 360 Issues in Chrome


Our team is attempting to publish an eLearning course to be accessed in IE and Chrome primarily. Our experience has been that the IE version works fine, however learners are experiencing issues in Chrome. Is there a preferred publish setting to ensure this works across both platforms? We tried the flash-only version however certain team members do not have flash enabled on their browsers which is also causing issues. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

What type of issues are they experiencing? If the courses aren't playing based on Flash, that's something we've seen specifically with Chrome as they start to disable Flash by default. There's some more information and strategies here about that. 

With Storyline 360, we increased the HTML5 support across browsers and the ability to publish for HTML5 first, so that would be my main recommendation. 

Let me know if you're still running into issues! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris, 

Ouch, that slide looks pretty bad. You mentioned that it behaved fine in SCORM Cloud + Chrome, but that Cornerstone is the issue? What browsers are you testing it with there? 

I'd suggest reaching out to the Cornerstone team to see if they had advice on what browsers to run the course in or ways in which to test it. 

Chris Cole

Thanks Ashley. We tested in IE, Edge, and Chrome in all tests.

Another person at the client company went through the same lesson and it looked fine for them, so I think we have narrowed it down to the local environment of the original tester - they are overseas while the 2nd tester is US-based.  Maybe a network thing.

We're going to dig in a little more and see if we can figure out what it is. I'll share what we find (if anything) for others to use in the future.


Jennifer Stein

I'm using Storyline 360 and the College where I work is using D2L (Brightspace) as our LMS. I continue to have player problems (spinning effect) for multiple projects. Below are a few screenshots. I've published to Articulate review and have no problems but I have to deliver theStoryline content within the lms.

  Player issue 01Player issue 02


Help please this would sink our Storyline 360 pilot at the College!!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jennifer!

I see that you and Anna are already working through this together in your case. You mentioned that you published the course for Web, zipped the output, then uploaded it to your LMS.

Like Anna mentioned, you'll want to publish for LMS if you're going to host the content on D2L. 

Let's keep the conversation going in your case, and I'll follow along there!