All text boxes stopped working in my project

I have a weird problem. All text boxes stopped working in my project. The project is about 120 slides long and and has a file size of about 120 mb size.  What happens is that whenever I click on a text box the work area turns white with a red outline. Here is a screen shot.

this happens any time I touch a text box or try to make a text box.  Has anyone seen this before?  I'm at the end of this project and need to finish it soon. I already uninstalled then reinstalled the latest version of story line.  I also pulled this project into a new storyline file.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

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Jeremy Lally

Hi all,

I was able to fix this textbox issue. I started by uninstalling Storyline, then reinstalling it, then importing the course into a new Storyline file, then rebooted the computer again.  None of that worked. Then I opened the course again and tried clicking on small text boxes. They worked. I kept testing and finally figured out that there was one page that had something corrupt in it. When you touched that one text box, all other text boxes stopped working. How weird. After that I just deleted the page and now everything is fine.