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May 01, 2019

Do courses published with the modern player automatically have "Allow downloading for offline viewing" selected or deselected?  In classic player I always removed that option but don't have that ability when using the modern player.  I end up with reporting issues when I publish courses and have "allow downloading..." on.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joshua, 

The modern player isn't supported with the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP), and that was the only setting that allowed for "Offline Viewing". You won't see that choice if you're using the Modern player going forward, as it's strictly HTML5 output and the AMP relied on Flash content being included. 

If you need to provide an "offline" option for your learners, I'd look at publishing to a CD/local source. 

Hope that helps clarify! 

Joshua Lenker

Thanks for the quick response Ashley.   Really what the issue is, is since we switched to modern player our LMS (Comply365) stopped tracking how long users are spending on each course.  Do you have any knowledge on best publishing settings to make sure times can be tracked on the back end?  

Joshua Lenker

@Leslie: Originally we thought that was the culprit but it appears not to be a factor now after additional testing.  Thank you for the link to the data page this is helpful.  That article seems only directed for SCORM files that have quizzes.  What data is submitted to an LMS from SCORM files which do not have quizzes?  

Does that data submitted vary based on tracking type? Number of slides viewed vs. quiz results vs. complete course trigger?

Trying to get to the root cause on why some of our courses are tracking time and some are not.

Thanks again for the help!


Crystal Horn

Hi Joshua! If you enable LMS debug mode, you can watch the communication from the course to the LMS.

Using SCORM 2004 3rd edition as an example: When tracking by the number of slides viewed or by the course complete trigger, you'll see a new set of data after jumping to each slide. A very important part of that data is the suspend data which will help the LMS bookmarks the learner's progress. The data is timestamped, so it should be possible to see when the learner started the course and when it reported "complete."

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