Problem with Articulate mobile player with ipad

Mar 10, 2014


I made some courses with storyline and published them on a LMS. When i published i enabled "use articulate mobile player on ipad", but didnt enabled the optin "allow downloading for offline viewing"., because i don't want that my students to be able to share my courses, because they are not free...

However i noticed that even if this option is not enabled, the courses are donwloaded on the ipad...and visible in the library offline.

How comes??


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Just to clarify - are your users not logged into the LMS and still see the courses in the library or have they disabled their wi-fi when you're talking about being visible and accessible in the library offline? 

Initially, learners must be connected to the internet to view your course on an iPad. However, you can allow learners to download your course for offline viewing (disconnected from their internet) once they've added it to their library. See Downloading Content for Offline Viewing.

If you need tracking and reporting capabilities, your learners will need to be connected to the internet at the time they view your course—otherwise, your course won’t be able to communicate data to your your LMS or to Articulate Online, whichever you’re using. 

david dav

Hi Ashley, thanks for ur reply, 

The courses are available on the LMS during a short period of time. For exemple from 1 march to 10 march. The user log to the LMS to see the course during this period. After this period i delete the course online. Because the user paied to see it for for only 10 days. So i don't want him to be able to download the course and see it after theses 10 days. Its a lost of money for me. Thats why i didn't enable the option "allow downloading for offline viewing".

But i noticed that even with this option disabled, the course is downloaded and accessible in the library.

I made a test myself, i have put a course online, i watched it with the Articulate mobile app, ( published from storyline with "offline" option disabled). I deleted the course on the LMS, and the course is still accessible in the library in the matter if i am connected on the internet or not, the course is still there.

david dav

Hi Ashley, 

I am sorry to say that is not what happen.  I deleted the course on LMS, and i still can open it in the app when i am connected on internet With no error message at all.

I tried it many times, deleted many things on the LMS, uninstall the app and installed it again. 

If i close internet connection , ok the course is not available, i have a error message.

But if i open internet again, the content is avalable although i deleted the course on the LMS. How is it possible? The app download something on the Ipad for sure.

The main thing is that i dont want that my course to be seen on the app when the course doesn't existe anymore on the LMS, no matter if internet is on or off. Can it be a problem with the LMS ? a kind of link that would still exist even if the course doesnt exist anymore?


Hello Hello1

Hi all

This issue has also happened with my courses. I too was under the impression that if I didn't allow users to download the course while offline (when I published the course) then when the files were removed from my site, they would no longer be able to view them. I have a lot of subscribers which pay yearly to access my courses and despite having tested the Mobile Player myself, after having deleted the course files online, I can still access the course! This now means that my users have free use of my courses for as long as they wish.

Articulate should clearly state this in the guidance they give on enabling Mobile Player on iPad, as there is no way I would have considered this option if I'd known my content would be always free to users who have only downloaded it once.

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