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Jacqueline Bhavaraju

I have imported a simple mp3 audio file to play upon clicking an Play button image I inserted in the center of the base layer, and added triggers to play, reset upon completion. I enabled the seekbar for user to drag, thinking it will let them fast forward, go back.. but no matter what settings I provided it wouldn't let me use the playbar. I discovered that the button was blocking the full functioning of the playbar to the audio file inserted. I removed the image and now the playbar works fine. The only thing, I imagined that inserted a control button might let me control the audio playing, because I liked the visual of having a button on the screen, but the playbar took precedent control over the "inserted control button" too. Just thought I'd share this...

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for sharing that here and if you've set up audio to play based on the user clicking on a slide element such as the button it won't be accessible to play based on using the rewind button or scrubbing the seekbar by design. This ensure that the audio only plays when the user clicks the button you've set up to play it.