Allow students to bookmark quiz questions

Jun 06, 2023

Hi everyone,

I have a quiz with three question pools - one pool each for English, French, and Spanish. The questions in the pools are all randomized. Scoring is done at the Results screen, but on a page after the last question and before the Results page, I want to allow students to revisit questions that they bookmarked throughout the quiz either because they opted to skip them or they were unsure of their answer.

Saving the bookmark variable and question number is no problem, but I can't figure out how to jump the student to the bookmarked question(s) of the randomized question pools because a question number/slide choice is not provided in the Jump to slide Action wizard. Only "Next Slide," other named slides like "Results," and "Draw from [named] Bank" are available.

Has anyone figured out how to jump to a specific question in a randomized question pool?


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Ron Price

That is an interesting problem - we have done it before.  The only way we could really get it to work was to visit every question -  If the "review Variable" was true and "bookmark variable" for that question was false then we triggered it to go to the next question.

So when you hit "review" or whatever trigger you are using for them to revisit their bookmarked questions, you would also be ticking a "review variable" to true.