Allowing only 3 attempts for a quiz before showing the answers

Aug 05, 2019

I am working on a slide that is a short drag-and-drop quiz. I need to make it so that once a user attempts to take the quiz 3 times and fails each time, the correct answers are shown and they can continue on with the rest of the module.

Additionally, if possible, the correct answers need to stay visible when the user clicks the "previous" button.

I know how to do this if it is a point-based system but since this is only 1 quiz slide and isn't based on points but just matching, I'm not sure how to set this up.

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Lisbeth Houdek

Thanks for the help however the solutions provided through the link weren't exactly what I was looking for. I need it to function so that the user only has 3 attempts to take the quiz and if they fail to successfully drag and drop the answers into their correct positions, they will automatically view the answers after their 3rd failed attempt before moving on with the rest of the module, not just after 1 attempt as it seems to have been described in the conversation you linked.


I have already attempted to set the quiz attempts to a maximum of 3 and create triggers so that a user will view layers indicating whether they successfully completed the quiz or not, as well as a layer that shows the answers, based on how many attempts they have used. However this strategy doesn't seem to be working and I am unsure if there is a specific set of triggers or settings that I need to apply.

Lisbeth Houdek

I have included the portion of my project that has the knowledge check / quiz that I am trying to work on, as well as some screenshots so that the triggers I used can also be viewed outside of it.

As it stands, when I preview the project and purposely input incorrect answers, the module will inform me that I have input the wrong answer 2 times but when I input the wrong answers a 3rd time (to test if the 3 attempt limit is functioning and if it will show me the correct answers as I have tried to program it to do), nothing happens when I go to click the submit button. It doesn't move on to the next slide OR show me the answers, or even reset the quiz.

If anyone has any answers they would be much appreciated!

Vincent Scoma

Hey Lisbeth,

Thank you for sharing those images and your file! I reviewed the file and was able to pinpoint what was taking place. 

I reviewed the different triggers/variables you had in place and it looks like the timing of these triggers were causing some of the issues you were seeing. I recorded a Peek 360 video showing what I changed as well as the expected behavior: Knowledge Check Video

As mentioned, I am also attaching the Storyline file to this thread. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing it!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! I am more than happy to help!

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