Allowing the Next buttom to function even when timeline ends is set

I have looked and looked for an anwer to this. I want the Next button to be available at anytime; but I also want the slide to advance when timeline ends. I have found wonderful advice on how to keep the Next button from functioning until the audio is ended. But I want the user to be able to click the Next button at any time to go forward. But if they do not use the Next button I want the slide to advance automatically. Any advise? I am fairly new at this having gotten Articulate Storyline 2 in late August, so I know just enough to be dangerous.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Barbara

see attached sample.  I have two triggers - one to advance slide when timeline ends and one where user clicks next.

If you are having an issue that you cannot advance and check Player Tab > Menu options - it may be set to 'restricted' which means even though you have the triggers set to advance auto or on click, SL will wait until the timeline ends.

See this tutorial that explains more - specifically the section called 'Restricting Navigation'.

Also here is a workaround if you do want the menu set to restricted

Barbara A Kee

Spent time on figuring this out this morning and it works great.

I set navigation to 'Free',

Added a slide trigger to advance when timeline ends,

Set next button as a trigger to function when User clicks,

and now I have a scene where the user can either let the slide go until the audio is complete, or if they choose they can skip to the next slide by clicking the Next button. Just what I wanted in terms of choices for the user.

Thanks to both Wendy and Michael for the timely help.