Allowing user to miss a question in a quiz?

Jul 02, 2012


Could someone remind me how I can allow a user to miss a question in a quiz in Storyline please. So to hit submit without answering and then just move to the next question. It'd be fine to have it just score as an incorrect answer. Although might be even better marked as incompleted so they can return to it before actually finishing the quiz.. It is just a set of review questions to help users revise and think about stuff, not a real test, but having a score at the end is still good. The 'you must pop up' is annoying even with the text changed. Is there an easy way to make it not appear?


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sarah low

Hi there, 

I may have found a workaround for a self-assessment quiz where I wanted to allow the learner to not select any answers if it suited them.

This is what I did:

Graded question > multiple response > added an answer "none of the above" (not selected as a correct response in the form view) > left the feedback blank so the learner goes straight to the results.