Different quiz score total appearing?


We set up post lesson four question assessments. We put an add a 25.00 to QuizScore on each "Correct" layer to the forward button that sends users to the next question (so when a user clicks "next" on the correct answer layer, they get 25 points added to their overall score). At the end of the assessment, users get their final score (0%, 25%, 50%, 100%). I had a user send in a complaint as follows: 

"I took the quiz and got all answers correct, but was initially given a 75% score. So I retook the quiz (thinking that I might have somehow skipped a question). I gave the same exact answers the second time (turns out I hadn't initially skipped any questions) and received a 100% score."

Two notes about this:

1. The user would not have been able to skip a question. Arrows triggered to the next slide only exist on answer layers, so without answering a question, she would not be able to move on.

2. I tried to replicate this scenario multiple times and was not able to. There is also nothing wrong that I can see in the Storyline file.

My question to you experts: Is getting two different scores while inputting the same answer choices even a possibility, or can I move on with no lingering doubt that this was just an instance of user error?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Margaret

Are you using SL quiz slides or custom slides?  If SL quiz slides is there any reason you wouldn't be using the inbuilt scoring for correct answer without the need for the triggers to add points? 

Might be easier for someone to help if they can see the setup of your file - are you able to upload the .story file?

Margaret Lapp

Hello! Yes, we did custom slides (to my knowledge). I'm sure there is a good reason why we built them this way, but I don't know exactly why that is! I started creating these lessons after the style guide was set with this kind of custom quiz scoring. 

I've attached the Storyline file for a look.

Thank you!