Altering Mode on Screen recorings

Hi all,

I'm making some tutorials using the "Record Screen"-function to record and create simulations in external software/systems. In many cases I would like to have both a view-mode recording and a try-mode recording of the same transaction. That is, the student first watches a video and then gets to try the steps him/herself. Is there anyway I can use the same recording and just alter the mode of the slides? Right now I have to do two recordings for each step, which is kind of time consuming.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

Yes, you CAN use the same recording. This thread has some detailed information. It feels to me like it's kind of hidden away.


  1. Click the Insert tab (on the file that has the recording)
  2. Click the Drop-down arrow beside the Record Screen button
  3. Click on the "target" recording (the one that needs to have a second "mode")
  4. A New Insert Slides windows will open. From here, you can choose the "alternate mode"

Please shout out with any questions

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Natalie,

I've seen a lot of examples - is there something specific you're looking for? You may want to investigate our Examples page and also look in the Building Better Courses forums as that is where folks share more how to/design ideas. 

If there is something specific you're looking to see, you could also ask in the BBC forums and see what folks are able to share.