PrintScreen button not working in Try Mode recordings

Apr 25, 2015

I'm recording using try mode, but when I try and record a screen that doesn't have a mouse click using the PrintScreen button, it doesn't record it. The only way I can record the screen is to just click anywhere on the screen. How can I record it using the PrintScreen button. I've tried it in IE11 and Google Chrome.

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Linda C

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply; I was inserting my slides as a Step By Step mode, and
to begin with the screens I's recorded using the Print Screen button weren't
showing. After several attempts they started to show. In the left Menu they
show as User Screenshot.

I was expecting to hear a camera shutter sound, so I knew I'd captured the
screen, but it seems there's no sound when you press the Print Screen
button, as with Adobe Captivate.

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