Altering the completion requirments for a course

Feb 19, 2015

Hi community,

I am wanting some advice on the best way to go about changing the completion requirements for a course.

My client wants two different groups of learners to go through my training module. One group new learners will be required to complete all topics in the module and the second group, those completing the course as an annual refresher will have some discretion to choose to complete one of four optional topics.

I do not have the experience or support to have my learners identify themselves within the module. Instead we have come up with a solution of presenting the module twice on the course page each labelled according to the type of learner .

I want to code each module with different requirements to signal completion to the LMS.

Where can I change the completion requirements for a module to reflect that all topics have been completed or a minimum number have been completed?

Do I use T/F variables and have each topic signal that it has been completed.

Or do I use a number variable and have a minimum number required to indicate completion?

Your advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Fiona Klassen

Thank you so much Wendy, Ashley and Emily,

You are a fantastic support resource.

I really appreciate being able to come to you guys for help as I am a little isolated in my current role.  Our organisation is still developing its skills and expertise in e-learning so having you guys as a go-to is my lifeline.

Ki ora (Thank you)

Fiona Klassen

Thanks Ashley, it was really good to have the tutorial link to review and Yes, I am going with a plan of multiple learning checks throughout the course at the end of each topic.

I still have one remaining question - for my annual refresher learners, who will have some discretion as to which of the optional topics they feel is meaningful to them at the time of the refresher, how to I get the LMS to recognize completion of a minimum number of topics?

Is there a way I can tell the LMS that a minimum number of result slides is needed to achieve completion?

Judy Nollet

Fiona, SL either tracks that a given number of slides were viewed OR that the learner passed one specific test (i.e., correctly answers a given set of questions). It doesn't let you specify that some learners only have to pass some questions or complete some topics.

There is a workaround: Program the course so that everyone is eventually steered to a final quiz question. But disguise that question so it looks like an interactive slide, and be sure it has only 1 possible response: the correct one. Then track successful completion based on "passing" that quiz/slide. (Note that this means the LMS will always show a 100%-correct rate, even if the learner answered incorrectly on some of the actual quiz questions.)

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