Alternate text and audio descriptions user-selectable

Mar 18, 2015


I am creating my first course in storyline 2 that needs to comply with Section 508 Accessibility.

What does "Make all display of alternate text and audio descriptions user-selectable." means in the Section 508 Accessibility requirement which is Author-Controlled Compliance. And how can i implement it in my course.



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Steve Flowers

That specific item applies to item (e) of subsection 1194.24:

§ 1194.24 Video and multimedia products

(e) Display or presentation of alternate text presentation or audio descriptions shall be user-selectable unless permanent.

Specifically, this means that the captions for audio alternative must be closed captions. This means the user must be able to turn them on or off. There is a funny caveat in that subsection that indicates "they must be user-selectable" unless they aren't. Which is silly:) I think they mean that if it's burned into the video, that's OK. Closed captions are always preferred.

There are a few ways to add closed captions to your output. I have my preferred method which uses triggers and staggered trigger objects, an object on the master slide to display the captions. It seems daunting until you do it once or twice. Like manual page numbering, it's not really that bad if you use a system.


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