Alternative avatars based upon selection issue

Apr 27, 2015

Storyline 1 issue:

I have created a fun little interaction where the learner picks their own avatar from a selection of characters. This is controlled by a variable that is set with the initial character selection.

When each slide (where the avatar is present) starts the Avatar State is changed based upon the value of the variable.

I am having an issue when playing the scenes where the default avatar (normal state) appears momentarily before the state change can take effect. I've tried removing a the normal state avatar, but that doesn't work.

I realize I can do this a couple of other ways such as with layers or by having multiple images on the slide that are hidden until the variable activates them, but this state change seems to be the most economical method, so, I'd like to figure out what the issue is if anyone has any ideas.



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stanton mackellar

Thanks for looking Wendy. So what you are saying is that I am going crazy? :-)

I wonder if you only selected the first character. As that is the default character, and you wouldn't see this issue. The issue only happens for a split second before the correct avatar appears.  for each new slide. If someone else can have a look, and you also have no issue, then I'm checking into the local psych ward. :-)

stanton mackellar

Thanks for looking Ashley. You are correct, it doesn't make me happy - though the anti-psychotic drugs are just starting to kick in, so I will be seeing what you seen soon enough.

Just to ensure you are looking for my issue in the right place...

The characters DO change to the correct ones based upon the variable. But there is a nano-second where the "Normal" state character appears before the correct character very quickly replaces it.

In the following slides, there is a flicker of "something" at the "0" mark of the timeline.

Here is a video


I have copied this from my PC to my Mac/Parallels environment and see this in both locations. I published my full course to tempshare and I still see this issue.

It is even more pronounced if you apply slide animation so each slide fade in.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stanton,

Ok, now I see it - oddly enough it didn't occur on the very first slide, and since I saw the "prev" button that's how I was checking them all, just going back and forth.  So you're not going crazy at least.

I think the way around this, is to not use the initial character as the normal state - as that is always going to be displayed first. It would be a bit more set up, but I'd have each character on the slide in an initial state of hidden, and change the state to normal based on the value of that variable. That way you won't see the flash of the extra character. You could also start with the "avatar" state in "hidden" to see if that resolves the flash you're seeing. 

stanton mackellar

Thanks Ashley,

Yes, I have gone with door number 1 above. I tried having the "normal" state empty, but there was still a slight jump there. With each character a hidden object on the slide, it works pretty well. Not as smooth as I'd like (I can't animate the slide transition which I had originally hoped to do) but I think I can live with this.

Now, what to do with all this unnecessary medication? :-)

Thanks again. And Wendy too.


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