Choosing Avatar (character) Text Variable Not Working

Aug 28, 2020

Hi All,

I am having a nightmare trying to trouble shoot a variable problem.

I have it set up so that learners can pick avatars/character. However, it works on one slide, but it doesn't seem to work on a slide further in the course, yet the trigger is the same.

The first screenshot below is where I adjust the variable so that someone will be the avatar they pick, going forward.

The next slide after, this transfers perfectly and the avatar they choose is there. I have it set up so that the avatar has different states and the different states are the different avatars. I have the "normal" state deleted so that there isn't that temporary fraction of a second where the normal state is displayed, which might be the incorrect avatar.

The second screenshot is where I have it set up but it doesn't seem to be working. The main avatar on the timeline is called "REP" but it doesn't seem to be changing the character as it did on a previously slide. Does anyone see anything wrong here? It's basically a replica of what I have elsewhere on a different slide but it works on there. Also when I put the "reference" for the variable on this slide it shows the updated and correct avatar name so I am thinking the variable works and that isn't the problem. 

I've also included the states at the bottom so you have the full picture.

The top 3 triggers are to do with an angry customer avatar and this variable doesn't seem to be working on this particular slide either. However, if I can figure out the "REP" avatar I think that will mean I have figured out the angry customer one as well .


Thanks in advance


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Garth Yorko

It is kind of hard to diagnose without the file.  Here are a couple of things to check:

Preview the entire project, not just scene 2

Create 3 buttons on the preceding slide. Each button changes the variable to a specific character. Toggle back and forth changing the variable to see if the characters change.

Put a shape on the slide.  Make the initial state hidden.  Create a trigger that changes the state of the shape to Normal if MAIN_CHARACTER = value blank (or the default value of the variable).  Then preview the entire project and see if the shape appears.  If it does, you may be changing the variable somewhere before this slide.  

I usually find the error in my project this way

Carlton Johnson

Thanks Garth,

Thanks for your help. 

I've tried some of your suggestions and I still can't get this to work. The correct variable is being carried through to the slide because I have put the variable reference on the slide to check and the correct variable is being carried through, but the states of the characters aren't changing to reflect that, which is strange because the exact same trigger is in a couple of slides before and the variable carries through fine and the states change to reflect the choose avatar/character. 

I'm still new to Storyline and this is the first piece I am trying to put together from start to finish so I am sure it's probably something I am doing wrong. I'm going to pop a note to articulate support with the storyline file to see if that can help. I'll try to remember to let you know what the response is as this might help others. 

Thanks again

Carlton Johnson

Thanks Walt,

I'm still quite new to this. I only just figured out that this is probably the correct forum for 360 type questions. Previously I was posting to another section in the forum and wondering sometimes while it was taking a while for a reply from anyone...

I'l remember for next time that I can attached the .story file. I appreciate it can be difficult to diagnose things like variable issues without getting your hands on the actual file.  

I've sent it off to support now and should be getting a response from them tomorrow. 



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