Still having a nightmare with Choosing Character variable not working

Sep 06, 2020

Hi All,

Hmm, I've been back and forth with articulate support on this one for a week. They have tried to be helpful but I still don't feel like I am clear on what the issue is.

I had another thread ( but I could do with help and that thread is old now so wasn't sure if it would still show up if I posted to it. 

I'm feeling a little discouraged because this is my first time trying to create a course with articulate so to be having problems that don't seem to have a solution, is frustrating me and I am losing faith in the software a little.

In short, support couldn't pinpoint anything I had done wrong. They said it was most likely a corrupted slide and to rebuild the variables in a new slide. I did that. The annoying thing is that it works sometimes and other times it doesn't.

In short, I have two variables for changing avatars/Characters.

  • First on is set on slide 1.2 (Avatar) is sets the customer service rep
  • Second one is set on slide 1.5 (Scenario) and sets the angry customer

The only slide that doesn't seem to be carrying through the select correctly is 1.6 (overview). It works sometimes but not others. Very frustrating. I have put the references for the variables on the relevant slides and the variables are changing to the correct avatar/character, but the characters aren't on this one slide only.

Help! This has been driving me crazy for over a week.

I would like to think it is something I am doing wrong rather than an error with 360. I have attached my storyline file.

And for completion (I'm desperate for help) here is a link to the review version:

Thanks in advance (hopefully)

~ Carlton

Side Note: I have been on @DavidAnderson webinars and gone through linked in tutorials and even David's and @TomKuhlmann's webinars a bunch of times to check what I am doing but I can't see anything I am doing wrong.

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Carlton Johnson

Thanks Michael,

I'll have a check in the morning as I'm not on my machine with articulate 360 on at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to look at it and update it and thanks also for reassuring me there was nothing wrong with my logic.

It's a strange one.  Maybe as a novice to articulate I should have created something simpler without variables etc, but I didn't want to limit myself. 

I'll be honest, my confidence in creating stuff with articulate has been shaken. To have the very first thing I create, have an issue that is not of my own doing but that seems to be a glitch with articulate, worries me - a lot. What if this happens when I have a deadline for a client. 

It would be useful to know if the more experienced users like yourself and others, come up against these sort of things regularly or have I just been unlucky. 



Walt Hamilton

For future reference, If you post again to an old discussion, it is brought to the top of the list.

Support was right about corruption (or at least needing to rebuild something), but it wasn't the variables.

It was the CustomerRep and AngryOnPhone graphics, or more specifically the states.

It worked part of the time, as long as Jessica or Maise were among the choices. What was happening is that the state never changed, You can see it in action in Scene 1. I set up a variable to report on the state. Even though it reports that the state has changed, the picture doesn't. I set up the colored rectangles to change the states apart from the variables, with the same result; the state changes, but the picture doesn't. I have no idea why, but that's the problem.

I recreated those two pictures, and now they work in Scene2.

Carlton Johnson

Hi Walt,

Thanks. That's brilliant. I really appreciate the time you have taken to help me. That really helps me with my journey on getting to know articulate and trying to understand the quirks and possible glitches that I might come up against and how to deal with them.  Thanks also for informing me of the what happens if I post to an old discussion. I appreciate that. I want to make sure I am following all the rules and not duplicating posts when I don't need to. 

Side Note: Michael your file worked for me and it is now working well. Walt, I've downloaded yours as well as it might help me in the future. 



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