And / or triggers?

May 30, 2023

I want a learner to click on a button for the region they live in.

There are 2 regions and i want the trigger to set the next button the normal when timeline ends if/or user clicks group 1 because the user will only open the box relative to them and then be able to advance. Is this possible? 

All the discussions i find are from many years ago in previous versions of Storyline - I'm working on Articulate 360.

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Phil Mayor

I am a little confused, so may have got this wrong.

Next is locked initially, user presses one of two region buttons and then they press next?

If yes then add on click triggers to each of the region buttons to change Next to normal, maybe easier to just set the region buttons to jump to the next slide automatically

Phil Mayor

There isn't a trigger that works off two actions as the action is the trigger. 

For me it really depends on what else is going on the slide if they are only selecting their region then I would jump straight after selecting the region and ignore the next button.

I am struggling to understand the use case, do you branch somewhere else do you need to store the region value, if they can only select one region could you use a button set?

Does the next button have conditional triggers for branching?