Andriod problems - bad font rendering & buttons not working

Just built a course in SL 2 latest version. Now on Andriod having a random problem with the text getting mangled. Republishing didn't fix it. Sometimes the text looks OK, but once in a while, the fonts look all gritty and are barley legible. Is there a solution?

Also seeing a black background when going from one screen to another.

Buttons are very slow to work, require multiple taps and holds. Sometimes don't work at all.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

Is it only the navigation buttons that aren't working, or buttons on the slide? If it's only navigation, I'd double check that you're not using "restricted or locked" navigation within your menu, as that will also impact the next/previous buttons in that the user can't activate the next button until the timeline has ended. 

If you'd like to share it, we can take a look at the set up of your custom button and the other elements that aren't working as expected on android. 

Paul Johns

Is there a solution for this ? We have something similar happening. Works fine on ipads, on Android the screen turns black at times, buttons in the wrong places.

We also use bespoke buttons in our course yet the default Storyline buttons (which are turned off) keep appearing and overlaying the bespoke ones and then the screen freezes.