Animated gifs very slow until audio stops (SL3)


I have a few slides with very small (180k) gifs on it, and they move very slowly until the audio stops, then they run at regular speed. Should I not be using gifs? I love them because they let me make things really cool and interesting, and would hate to have to give up on them. Any tips? Thanks!

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Jeff Forrer

Not that this will help, but I tested your gif with a few different audio files on a slide in SL3 vUpdate 7 and did not see a difference, perhaps it is your processor?  Have you tried from after published to a web server?  Can you provide a link to test?

A few suggestions, have you put the audio on a different later, or the image on an different layer?  Maybe they are tripping on each other and perhaps that would help. 

Fred Good

Thanks for trying, Jeff! If I put the gif and the audio on different layers, they won't play at the same time, though. I'll try to get something uploaded to share a link... *Edit: I should note, that it works fine in the preview window in SL, but after I publish and open the HTML5 file with Explorer, it slows down a lot.

Fred Good

Jeff! You ROCK! Thank you!! I had my trigger on the layer instead of the base layer. (D'oh!) Your file pointed this out for me. Thank you soooo much!


*Edit: Well, I celebrated too soon. While I can now put my gifs on a separate layer, it still runs slowly until the audio stops (published out to HTML5 only). My audio files aren't that big... .mp3 format... I'll keep looking! But thanks Jeff for the awesome tips!