Animated object pivoting with motion path

In Storyline 2 is there a way to make an object stay true in orientation to the path? I am having a car follow a path, but the front of the car faces left and stays left while the car moves up and down and around. I would like for the front of the car to follow the path as it turns. I can attach the front of the car to the path and it will follow perfectly, but the back of the car stays level.


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Brian Allen

I think you could probably create multiple image states for the car and then change the state to whichever orientation you want the car to be, dependent upon which motion path it's on.

Would be fun to play around with if I had time, but I think it's definitely do-able using states and triggers that correspond with your motion paths.

Richard Hill

Here's another technique which utilizes a single nested animation curve 90 degree that is repeatedly called by switching on and off states during a circular animation. It's smoother, but this method capitalizes on a strange anomaly of nested animations that spin, in that they remember their angle once activated(even when the state is changed).  It might be harder to control this beast for a car.