Combining animation and state change

Jan 20, 2022

I am trying to make a car move around a map. I want the car to travel along a motion path. Then I want the car to appear to turn by changing the state of the object to an image that is a different angle. Then I want the car to move forward with another motion path. This will also all need to be trigger based. So sliding the slider to spot 1 moves the car down the first path. Once it gets there, the state of the car changes. 

The problem is that the animation path doesn't want to change after the state change. And my car keeps ending up across the screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Walt Hamilton

Does the car move the same distance in the same direction each time? If so, you can re-use one motion path, setting it to a relative start point.

If it is differing distances, and directions, you have to create a motion path for each move, and they still need to have a relative start point. To create a new path, you need to move the car on the screen to where it will be, then create the path to move it to where it will be.

There is a sample that may help you get started at this post:

Ron Katz


Could you share your Storyline file as an attachment?

I'm thinking you may want to use different "vehicles" with their own motion path and have them trigger the next "vehicle" when the first one reaches the end of it's motion path.  Each vehicle would change to a hidden state when it reaches the end of its motion path and the next vehicles state would change to normal.