Animation does not controlled by triggers

Oct 11, 2012

I have added an animation which is developed in flash but for that animation triggers are not working i have two buttons on my page when ever i clicked on pause it has to pause and when i clicked on play it has to play please help me 

thank you

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Annie Jean

Hi Naga,

I have made the test and tried Play video when clicked or  From trigger and it doesn't work at all. I have also added the Video controls to try and play/pause from that specific button with no results.

Looks like a bug and I suggest that you report it here.

Don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.


Paul Zamora

There is a bug in the way SL handles SWFs, or maybe by design.  I encountered this yesterday I had 9 sequential sildes each with a swf on them.  Only the first one plays, any subsequent swfs animate but with out audio.  Also, my play/pause did not work on them either.  The "fix" is that you must enable the play bar on the animation.  When you do that, the button/trigger for play pause will work and, for me, the subsequent swfs will play.  However, you have to have the play bar on. 

Another issue I encountered was to import the swfs to each slide as a web object from a hosted webserver.  Again only the first one worked.  After the first one played, the next swf on th next screen failed to play or open rather getting a hung up course and a pop up action script error window.  At this point the course broke.  No workaround for web objects has been found.  So for now i'm stuck with having the play bar on my swfs to get them to interact with the play button and triggers.  One important question / note also is, my SWFs are Action Script 2.  I do not believe SL interacts with AS3, but I haven't confirmed it.  Hope this helps.

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