Animation does not run changing state of an object

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I have images with animation on my base layer and when the user clicks on one of the images, it goes to another layer. When I return to the base layer, the animation on the images does not run. Do I need to setup a specific parameter? When adding the visited state to the images, it does not give me the option to add any animation.

When an image is clicked, it changes the state to visited and also sets the states of the other images to normal, to ensure that the user can still click on the other images when it returns to the base layer.


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Phil Mayor

Returning to the base layer will not reset the animations you would need to jump back to the slide.

If you want animations within states then you can add other objects inside of the state and put animations on those, you can cut and paste the object in the state and then add an animation but the result can be glitchy.