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Feb 23, 2023

Kia ora from New Zealand! My brain seems to have gone on hiatus. Is anyone able to help me with this interaction? I need to figure out a toggle. I want each quadrant to flip, and show the 'equal' vs 'power' behaviours and for the user to be able to flip them as many times as they like. I have set up the triggers just for three segments to start with: intimidation, emotional abuse, and economic abuse.

Problem is, I have set the items on the base layer to hide when the user goes into the layers (which cleans up the animated swivel). BUT this means when the user visits other segments, they disappear as the layers are hidden after they leave. Thoughts? The goal is to keep the swivel animation nice and clean (i.e. I don't just want to unhide the states on the base layer as it would make them visible when the swivel animation happens on the layers above). Am I making much sense?! Thanks and gratitude in advance, for anyone who is able to help. 


I was also wondering if maybe a cool slider interaction might be an alternative. Where you drag a centre bar to reveal the equality wheel on top of the power wheel.

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Martin Sinclair

Morning Libby

Think I have found a workaround.

1. I removed your triggers on the base layer. Instead, I want it to show all the PC layers as soon as the slide loads, as we want the full wheel showing PC layers as our starting view.

2. This threw up a new issue. When it loaded all the layers at 0 seconds on the timeline, it animated the flip effect. We only want this effect when the user interacts with each segment, and it all happening at once looked terrible

3. To counter this, I created a top layer called 'Mask' which is will be a flat image of the full wheel in PC mode. It is set up to disappear after one second - its only function is to make the animation effect I've described above on the initial load. I'd suggest you create a flat image of this and replace the makeshift version I currently have on the 'mask layer' as I had to stick some random objects in to cover up any transparency that showed the animations below.

4. Once 1 second has passed, the mask layer disappears and the PC/EQ layers have your existing triggers, but crucially I went through each layers settings and unticked the 'hide other slide layers' which gets rid of your initial issue, that the swivel effect is ruined by other layers disappearing

Hope that makes sense, have attached my file. Still a bit messy but hopfully you can follow the steps above and improve it with slightly cleaner assets, especially on the 'mask' layer

If I could offer a wee suggestion, you could set up a trigger to reveal a continue button or similar once all the EQ layers were revealed or interacted with. And my only other thought was if the EQ and PC layers would benefit from being slightly different colours or shades, just so it was obvious for the learner to see which ones had been flipped and which ones hadnt 

MEDSAC Learning

oh my GOODNESS Martin you are a GENIUS! I was tossing and turning trying to sleep last night, thinking about how poorly I had worded my issue above. Martin, you have absolutely turned my week around. I was getting quite distressed and you have resolved it all. THANK YOU! I very much appreciate your suggestions, I agree with everything you have said. If you are interested, you can see what I have ended up with attached. I need to tidy up the alignment etc. and i am having trouble with the 'completed' state trigger, but I am getting there! wohoo, thank you so much.