Need Animation Help

Apr 01, 2020


I'm working on a Storyline 360 project and want to incorporate a flashcard-like interaction. I understand how to make it happen with layers and triggers, but I want the animation to make it seem more like they are actually flipping.

Currently, I have it set so when the user clicks the "Flip Button," the base layer card changes to hidden and the 2nd layer card Swivels and appears. (I did this because I really want the base layer card to not show while the 2nd layer card "flips.") Looks pretty cool!

But, I can't seem to configure the same idea to flip it back with the same animation. I have it set to change the base layer card back to Normal when the user re-flips the card, but I can't get the same animation without having the base layer card Swivel as soon as the slide loads. I only want it to swivel after the user re-flips the card.

I've attached a Storyline file of this particular slide.

Thanks in advance!

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