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Aug 17, 2012

hi all,

Is there a way to animate an object in Storyline?


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Gerry Wasiluk
David Ruana

Thank you Gerry, it helped me at least!

I was wondering if object animations can be linked to user events in any way. For example, could an image fade out when the user clicks on it and a new image fade in on exactly the same coordinates? Similarly, clicking again on the image could restore the original image. If this works, we could have an interesting "flip images" efect.

Or any workarounds exist?

Best regards

Bruce Graham

Hi David

Have a look at the attached .story file.

You will see a very simple example of how to set up a STATE (click on the image, and then click on the images area - called BoxClicked), which is associated with the rectangle.

There is a TRIGGER (over to the right) that says "When a user clicks on the rectangle, change it to the other shape - the cylinder".

Hope this helps for starters.

I would really recommend having a look at the Tutorials at, and also at the Showcase, which shows what is possible.

Hope that helps, and I wish you luck with your project.


David Ruana

Thank you Alexandros. Thank you Bruce. Yes, that was exactly the idea!

@Alexandros, your example accomplishes a smooth transition between two images. Do you think that it would be possible from one image to a text box as well? Besides, I would be great if the text could be localized for multi-language support.

Please take a look at the following example from a Raptivity template:

The animation effect they implemented is awesome. If Storyline could do things like that, I honestly think that presentations would be an authentic delight to the eyes.

Best regards

David Ruana

Thank you Bruce, the proposed example is an excellent workaround and it allows to do the job!

It does not make easy the multi-language support though. As far the text is entered as an image, it does not allow to export the localization strings into a file (the recommended procedure in the recent release Update 1) for submitting for translation by a professional translator.

It is a good ground anyway to try to get to there.

I am excited that templates, animations, ... ARE being developed. I constantly see example files being submitted onto the forum, particularly from experienced Super Heros like you Bruce. The question is, why is not anyone keeping an index of the available material? Not even Articulate staff. Their official web page is quite poor, including only a few examples, while plenty of them are being lost in the forum. I hope they (or someone else) can solve those little coordination issues, while I keep congratulating them for supporting this fantastic Community.

Best regards

Bruce Graham

Hi David,

As you need multi-language support, this needs to go into the design process. In this instance, rather than using a state, I would use a layer - where the text does export for translation. If you end up using Raptivity in your projects I suspect that you will run into exactly the same translation issues.

In terms of examples, think of it like this:

Would you expect the Daler-Rowney paints site to keep an encyclopaedia of all paintings that people produced? Storyline is different - it's possible to build almost anything - it just relies on how creative you are.

I sometimes find it frustrating, because I would like things "pre-built - but we have to start a new way of thinking with this product. I do hope the animation options increase soon. I am not someone who can immediately think of new interactions, new ways to build concepts - my creativity usually lies in other areas. The way I learn is to work with others, and copy ideas when others post on the site.If people post something you like, you can "Favourite" the post, or just copy the (attached) file onto your PC for dis-assembly and re-use later on.

Hope this helps.


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