Animation in Storyline

Dec 09, 2015

Hello Storyline Guru's! My question is, can you add animation to Storyline without Flash? If so, how?

We want to avoid using flash since it's not mobile friendly, but we want to add some small animations for visual appeal. For example, we have a chemistry game and when they get the answer correct, the chemical bottle fills up (half way) and vapors release from the top. The vapors look like smoke, nothing fancy, but would add to the learning.

Any thoughts out there?

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Michael Shannon

Hey Brandon, how about just using Storyline? You could create a few animations and group them so you can easily copy/paste them from one slide to the next. A few adjustments in the timeline and you have an animation.

Here's a file that illustrates one way to do this using your example. Of course it can be scaled as needed but you should be able to glean some ideas from it. And no need to go outside the program except for creating the images. All of the animation is done inside Storyline. 

Brandon DeHaan

Wow. That seems easy enough and it looks much like what I am trying to do. I am trying to make it even more appealing with a little more animation and smoke like vapors, but this might do. Looks like this is a picture with two or three shapes with animation. I think you have me in the right direction, but what about actual animation already build that you can just plop right into Storyline 2 and set a trigger. Has this been done before and if so, where can I buy the animations?

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