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Apr 07, 2015

The Insert Flash feature looks interesting, but I haven't used it. I imagine it would allow me to add more elaborate animation in my presentation.  Is there free resources of Flash files that work well in Storyline? Are there free or low-cost software to tool to create Flash files that I can quickly learn to use for some simple animation? Any suggestion is welcome.

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Christophe Jacobs

Hello Tim,

I don't immediately have an answer but maybe my experiences could help.

1/ If you want to have an animation or flash video in your course, maybe think about using .MP4 files. This way you will have no problem in the future if you need to make your course work on a tablet or in HTML5 environments since flash has no support there. To make animations or nice video's try out

2/ To make interactive flash components, I advise to first look if it is not possible to make it directly in Storyline. I use the tool since it came out and it became a very powerful tool that is slowly replacing things I previously needed to do in Flash. Think about it. By combining the motion paths, slides, triggers and variables in Storyline 2 I use Flash less often than before.

Tim Chen

Hi Christophe,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. One thing I am trying to achieve in a slide is looping, animated background, like those effects you see on TV. Prior to doing e-learning I did wedding video editing for ten years and used those kind of background loops from Digital Juice, so I thought I could somehow do that in Storyline.

Jeff Orman

An animated gif would be ideal as the background cause it automatically loops. just put it at the back and use text boxes, photos galore on the top

Putting a looping video as mp4 is not a problem either except the looping. you would have to have a trigger that went something like:  Play media  ... When media completes (using the same name for both media...But how would you get off the page??




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