Animation Issues between 360 Versions?

Sep 20, 2021

Is anyone having issues with between 360 versions? We've had some issues were animations work  for the person publishing in review and on LMS but then not another person viewing it. The animations are for text to appear when spoken.

To fix the issue, our developer needed to revert back to an older version (June 1 - 3.52.25247.0).

For example, our developer (on June 1 version) will publish a course, which works in Review and on the LMS. 

However, if I take their Storyline file and publish it in the newest version (August 31 - 3.55.25975.0) or even the previous July 27 version, without making any changes to the content, suddenly lines of text don't show or animation timing is off.  Our concern is what happens when we need to update something in the course in the future - will we encounter the same issue?


Missing line of text can be seen here on the 3rd slide (Features of An Aerial Work Platform)



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