Animations between States


I have a text box with different states which will change depending on which button is pressed. However what I would like, is each time the state changes (a button is pressed) the text box has an entrance animation. This way each click it will play a short 1/2 second fade when the text changes. 

Is this possible? 

I have tried going back to edit the states however the option of adding an animation is greyed out and does not allow me to add an animation for each state. 



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Matthew Bibby

Yeah, states can be a bit buggy. You may also notice some undesirable (or perhaps desirable) side effects as a result of doing this. For an in-depth exploration see here, but in short, when you paste an object into a state it will appear on top of objects in other states. 

Glad that helped Gary.

Chantal Hulleman

Possibly not as elegant, but what works easier for me is to not work with states, but to keep adding a new text field on the Timeline. And limiting each text field to the time I want it there. Your timeline will expand the more changes you want to add. But I find it easier to manage than the states (+the triggers you have to add then as well).