State change for shape in a group

Hi there, 

I'm building a Storyline 360 piece which includes a menu with 5 topics. Each menu item navigates learners to the correct section. There is also a disabled 'Finish' button which is not active until all sections are visited. This also works as intended.

Each menu item includes an icon, a text box, a shape and an image. They all have hover states except the image. The shape has a visited state which is designed to be be grey when a learner completes each section.

The menu hovers work fine, however on completion of each section, the shape's state change doesn't trigger to visited. Instead it freezes on the hover state. If you hover over it again, it changes to visited.

On a separate file I changed the shape state change to be 'on click' but this didn't solve the problem either.

Would someone be so kind to look at my file and let me know if I've messed up the states, triggers and variables?


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Matthew Bibby

I don't have time to look at your files at the moment Mark, but it sounds like the issue you are seeing might be related to something that I documented here.

In short, go to the menu, click edit states, selected the visited state, select the objects on the slide (that are inside the visited state), cut them, then paste them right back again... this should force the visited state to be displayed above your hover state.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

see if the changes I've made to your file make it work how you wanted.

The first rectangle didn't have the grey visited state like all the others it was blue so I changed it to grey.

I then updated all the triggers to be 'when timeline starts' instead of 'when variable changes'.

Hope this helps

Mark Mitrione

Hi guys, 

my bad on topic 1, the visited state wasnt even grey there.... however if you look at topic 2, upon return to the menu it get's stuck on hover when I want it to be visited.

I've attached a screen grab - Ideally I want each topic to be grey once each section is visited


Mark Mitrione

you are a star Wendy! I just deleted all the slide triggers that I had and replaced them all as you suggested. (change state of rectange # when the timeline starts if (variable) is equal to true.

just like your video, the rectangles are now changing to visited, however the icon gets stuck on hover state until you hover over it again and it returns to normal. 

does that make sense?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

I hate groups (just sayin') - I find they are very fiddly with state changes so I personally would export the group as an image and then import it back in. 

or alternatively - add a hotspot over each rectangle and then trigger the state changes when the user clicks the mouse or hovers over the mouse.

Perhaps someone else can offer another suggestion...all the best with your project.