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Yogesh Dewangan

Hi Emily

I faced a similar problem in one of my projects, in which I used the latest version of Storyline. I downloaded the software from this link - https://www.articulate.com/downloads/storyline-2/. I used the fade effect and after publishing the course, text animation began to "jerk".

Can you suggest a solution to this problem?

René Müller

I am currently facing similar problems as described above. I am using Storyline 2 - Update 4.

The project size is about 35 MB, 44 pages. The only animation I used is "Fade in" plus 2 motion paths on one slide. When I preview the project, the animations are smooth. Publishing the course makes the animations become very slow. I tried different options: 

1) Publishing the course from a local to a local drive and then copying it to its final destination. I had a look at the published version at the local drive first. 

2) Publishing the course from a local drive to a network drive. 

3) Publishing from a network to a network drive. 

Different publishing options that I've tried: 

1) Without HTML 5 Output 

2) With HTML 5 Output 

I even tried to import the whole project in a storyline file, still no success. 

 I also used different optimization options, also without any success.

Any suggestions of how this issue can be tackled?


Thanks in advance 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rene,

This issue is still with our QA Team, but we'll share any additional information and updates here once available.

I did want to remind you though, that our recommendation is always to work on local project files, and publish to a local drive. Then you can place within a network drive if needed once you have saved/closed the .story file or zipped the published output. Working off a network drive is known to cause issues within the files themselves. 

Elizabeth Holt

Hi -

It's been over three years since this issue was updated, and I'm having the same problem using the latest version of Storyline 360 (animated object is jerking as the animation plays). Any word on a fix?

Although, to be fair, it kind of works for the fish. See the attached file. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Elizabeth! 

I see what you're saying--the fish does appear really jerky as it moves along the freeform motion path.

I did some digging, and I found that we discovered the issue is related to the "orient shape to path" setting.  If you remove that setting, the fish should animate smoothly. Would that work for you in the meantime?

I'll let you know if we get this fixed!