Annotation for learners

Hello community,

After lots of search and being unsuccessful I thought i would start a discussion regarding learner interaction with annotation. While it would be great to do this in storyline, if a different articulate product with 360 will work then that's an option.

I would like for a learner to take notes in a published SCORM file uploaded to a LMS in 2 ways:

1) typing (or writing with a stylus if possible) on a notes page for each slide and

2) allow learners to highlight text that is on the screen, circle key points they would like, draw arrows, and more.

Anybody have some direction on these interactions? Our learners are not heaving on the typing but will write things down and paper would just get lost or destroyed with the type of work they do.

Thank you for anything!


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Blue Kearsley

Hello - in my current course builds, I needed to have a 'notes' section and an 'annotation' section. So, the notes, I added as a layer, and a text input field to capture the notes they may want to type. The annotation, I'm using a transparent whiteboard. But in essence, is similar to this:

It uses JavaScript. I'm not an expert by any means, but my boss was able to replicate this, and create a whiteboard specifically for the client. I hope this helps a little.