Another day, another problem with Storyline

Jan 30, 2019

Good morning. I have added a layer in Storyline for the purpose of showing the flow of a substance into a filter, via an animated arrow. When I "fit slide to current window," the arrow is lined up with the filter, which is on the base layer. However, if I change my zoom level to fine tune the arrow animation, the relative position of arrow to filter changes. If I then scroll the stage, the relative position of arrow to filter changes again. The attachments demonstrate this effect. My assumption is that when the view is "fit slide to current window," that shows the true relative location, so any "fine tuning" I have to do will have to be based on that view. That's just wrong.

Why would the relative positions change? That should be absolute. I run into so many issues like this with Storyline, it's really discouraging to use the software. I think you should hire me for product development and testing to wrinkle out the myriad issues such as this one.

Anybody have any work-arounds for this issue? I'm all ears. Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the images to showcase the challenge you've run into. I tried replicating this in Storyline 360,build 3.24.17733.0  and I also turned on the gridlines so that I could see very easily if something moved as I used the slide zoom slider to change the overall view. I didn't see what your images showed (and I took a quick Peek recording of it here).

So perhaps I've set up my course differently than yours somehow?  I also attached my sample slide in case you wanted to take a look and if you can replicate the issue there, it would be helpful to have a bit more detail from you on how. 

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