Oct 23, 2016

There are 5 objects on a slide. I want to make sure that learner will drag and drop each object to its relative position in order. After each object has been placed on its relative position, another layer with information will be shown. When the learner finishes the information layer, they will move back into a slide/layer in which previous objects (which have been dropped on their relative positions) remain on their relative positions.

Please show me. Thank you very much for your assistance.

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Susi B


look at the attached file. I made you 2 excamples, because I didn´t undertand what you want to do exactly.

First shows an information layer on the same slide after you drag all 5 correctly.

Second shows another slide after dragging all 5 objects correctly. You can navigate with the player menu back to the drag&drop slide.

In both cases you have to set the slide properties to "resume saved state" so it don´t reset.


Ngoc Nguyen

There are 5 objects on a slide. For example, object 1 must be dragged and dropped on position 1 if learners want to learn section 1. When they close the layer which has section 1, they will be led to a layer in which object 1 has already in position 1. Then they will do the same with other objects.

I hope you can understand what I mean. Thank you so much.

Susi B

Okay I understand what you want to do. That´s pretty simple. You can build your menu drag and drop slide like the one I made and trigger it like "when object 1 is dragged on object 2 show slide x". If you use your own menu, you can build a button that´s shown at the last slide of your first learn section and go back to the menu slide to drop the next one.