Any way of immediately disappearing a dropped object?

Sep 07, 2023

So, I'm developing a system-based training where learners are instructed to drag an object and drop it into a fairly large space. The problem is that I want it to immediately show the next layer/slide without displaying the object dropped in that space. I have no idea why that lag exists.

The next layer or slide should immediately be triggered when the learner drops the item in the right space, no? Instead, there's like a 2-3 second delay where I still see the dropped item in the space before it transitions to the next layer/slide

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Walt Hamilton

If the trigger is show Layer/ Jump to ... when object is dropped on target, and there is a delay, it sounds like it probably has a transition, or the layer isn't set to hide objects on the base. Or, maybe you could use set state of object to hidden when dropped on target.

Attach your .story file here, and someone can let you know definitively why it's doing that.


Jose Tansengco

Hello Edward, 

Here's what I see when I preview your course. Similar to the test results of others, I'm also not seeing any 2 - 3 second delay when the navigation jumps to the next slide. 

Would you mind making a Peek 360 recording of the sluggishness that you're seeing so we can check if its isolated to your local installation? I did observe a slower transition between slides when I published your course, but that may have been due to factors related to my network connection. Here's the link to the published output so you can compare how fast this will load for you.