Anyone Played with an Animated Background?

May 03, 2012

Disclaimer: for a non-Flash publish!

Hi - I wonder if anyone has played with a "live" background at all in Storyline. For example, a cityscape with an occasional plane flying by, or the day eventually changing to night...and then back.

Please share your tips or tricks.



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Eric Nalian

Hey Eric,

Are you talking about doing this for an entire presentation or just one slide?  I created a series of Safety courses, and part of the intro slide was a small video instead of using bullet points.

It starts out as a nice day and then the white clouds go away and storm clouds roll in, then it begins to rain.  After this a miscreant runs by and a cop follows.

Eric Matas

Cool. I was thinking along those lines, but then building content in layers above.

The background would do it's thing, even looping, and learners could hover over and then click on various stores/building. When clicked, a layer would appear, covering 80-90% of the background. So, the background would just keep on keeping on, while learners interacted with the content on the layer.

Could it work with your set up?

Eric Nalian

That could work with my set up, if I expanded it.  I used the news-room looking template (It has a name...but I forgot it) and put the animation in that little window.

It seems like it would be a pretty simple concept to make into reality

I would recommend grouping items in your timeline, from what I found with mine, the timeline gets pretty unruly, I had over 100 different images for rain drops to get the 'rain' effect.

Bruce Graham


I had never thought of doing this before...I think this is what you mean

Here's Story Lion....

I have created 2 x different master slides in the .story, each of which holds a full-page sized animated powerpoint slide, each of which was created in .ppt then saved to a Windows Media File

Story Lion and the v/o then just sits on the top.


Bruce Graham

Linked to Eric's post.....

I've not thought about this at all, and cannot try it @ moment as am in the middle of narrating a course on Ishikawa (Fishbone Diagrams...), but....wondering if it is possible in SL to tie STATES, (such as slide xx = visited) to change Master Slides?

I know this could be done manually, (as I have done here), but have the background master slides changing dynamically based on course progress?

Not sure where I'm going with this one....need to carry on voiceovering..



Eric Nalian

Here is an idea, that I think I am going to use for a later project... (conversations like this is why the Heroes site is the best place ever!!)

I have two projects that are coming up soon that this would work wonders on - Customer Service and Curb Appeal

For Customer Service, there are going to be minimum 3 modules:

  • Forming Exceptional relationships
  • Managing Difficult Situations
  • Be your own best customer

Here is how I see this working...

  • Animation of some sort going on that is a simple customer interaction
  1. Button 1 - Exceptional Relationships - Opens Layer 1
  2. Button 2 - Difficult Situations - Opens Layer 2
  3. Button 3 - Be your own best customer - Opens Layer 3
  • Each layer plays a different part of the animation
  • To make minor changes to the main animation, hover triggers can be added as well to make the movies not seem so 'static'...

This is beautiful in my mind, and difficult to write :(

Hope this is coherent

Eric Matas

David -

Your method works great. I followed your advice. Like your files (Source), I had to put a "filter" over the video. I used a transparent rectangle. If I don't add the rectangel to cover the video on the slide master, users can click on it to play/pause the video.

Now, I am trying to work with a client on using a video from a streaming server as the background animation. I tried to Insert Video from website using an embed code, but the video, even on the bottom of the slide master, streams on the top of everything; so, there are no clickable areas!

I am trying to use a web object now. Hopefully it will stay in the background.


Jerson  Campos

The problem with this is that even if you got it to loop correctly on one slide, it will still skip/restart when you go to another slide because storyline reloads the entire slide.   So the video/animation would have to be kept simple like the background on my Street Fighter Demo.  I've been wanting to do a project with a cinemagraphic background but haven't had a chance yet. I think this would be a cool feature.

Michael Lacy


Thanks for all your replies. I did get this to work although it won't work in preview. I was using a video I ripped from YouTube and that I edited in Adobe Premiere. I think the resolution of the video was too large for Storyline (No storyline 2 yet Goverment red tape). Once I encoded the video into WMA (yuck) it works. It won’t work in preview but it will run once you publish it. It is a little clunky on the replay (it freezes then jumps ahead a few seconds) but it works.

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