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Jeff Kortenbosch

The only thing i've seen in sharepoint 2007 is some kind of page template that allows the user to sign off manually that they have completed the course. Nothing more nothing less. I guess you could have a sharepoint expert build some kind of workflow but setting up a basic moodle instance was cheaper for me so I did that.

david mckisick

I have been using SharePoint for a couple years now with SL1, and now SL2 for hosting. Jeff is correct. All you need to do is upload to a document library and then create your link from there. SharePoint by itself will not do LMS functions, such as tracking user activity. For that you can purchase the SharePoint LMS, which does work with SL1 and 2, although it will require some tweaking.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ellen -- As this thread is a bit older, some of the participants may no longer be subscribed, so you are welcome to reach out directly using the 'Contact Me' link on an individual's profile page if you like. You may also want to check out the suggestions listed here in a thread on a similar topic. Hope that helps!