Anyone using Saba 7.x LMS? Issues with Saba Post-Course Policy Handling in new Update

Hi everyone:

Our organization has recently upgraded our SABA-based LMS from 5.5 to 7.3, and we are now experiencing policy handling issues, preventing our learners from completing courses hosted on this newer server instance.

For Articulate Storyline 2 courses hosted on 5.5, we used an approach that harnesses the PASSED/INCOMPLETE setting, using a Quiz Results Slide to send a PASSED result in lieu of COMPLETED (or INCOMPLETED) when there wasn't any quiz included in the course in question.

On 5.5, we then configured a back-end SABA Policy that changed this PASSED result to COMPLETED after the learner finished the course, ie: post-course-processing.  This has worked well for us for several months.

However, this approach is not working for us with Saba 7.3.

Anyone have any experience or suggestions as to how we might handle this? 

We've tried to build similar policies in 7.3, but they are not taking, so we are at a bit of a loss as to how to approach this, short of randomly trying other settings and hoping we stumble upon a solution.

I will post results of my testing as we address this issue over the course of the day today.

Any/all thoughts and ideas welcome. 



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mark -- Thanks for reaching out! While I am not familiar with use of Saba and would need to defer to your fellow community members, I did want to mention that it might not hurt to reach out the original posters of the following discussions via the 'Contact Me' link on their profile pages to see if they can share their experiences: Saba 7.3.1 and also Saba 7.2 here.