Problems with Storyline Quizzes in Saba 7.2

Aug 18, 2014

Hi there,

I hope someone can help us out. We are upgrading our LMS (Saba) to 7.2 . During testing we have noticed that Storyline modules that include a quiz will not mark as complete (successful) in Saba. They did in our previous version. As well, we have a few modules in Studio 9 and 13 and none of those will mark complete either.

Has anyone had anything like this happen.

p.s. Modules that rely on page count to complete are working fine.

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Noelle T

As an update. We tried republishing the courses that were giving us trouble and that allowed us to get a successful completion (must have been something in the newest update). However, now the course gets a successful but stays in the "current learning" section and doesn't move into the completed learning section as it should.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Noelle, 

You may want to try running the debug mode while in SCORM Cloud and then within your LMS as well - you could use that to help them track down the difference in terms of what information is being passed back and forth. 

Hope that provides some additional information to help track this down within the LMS. 

Noelle T

Thanks Ashley, we did try that and it did help us learn a bit about what functions are doing what.

Big thanks to Superhero Gerry Wasiluk, who gave us something to try-- and it worked!

So for those that might be suffering the same problem, this is what worked for us for Saba 7.2 and Storyline modules with a quiz.

Publish your file, (don't zip it yet), open the manifest file and search for the "mastery score". Remove the number (i.e. 80" but leave everything else including the quotes. Save and close the file. Then go into the lms folder and open the SCORMfunctions.js file. Remove the word "suspend" from the second line. Leave everything else including the quotes. Save and close. Zip up the entire package and load on to Saba. Ensure your course offering is a "required course".

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