Course completion after learner has viewed 80% of the video

Nov 25, 2015

Hi, we have 12 storyline courses,  all are single slide modules. They all  automatically play a video as soon as the learners launch the course.

We are intending to have the course mark "complete" on our LMS, if the learners have at least watched 80% of the video.

If the video say is 10 minutes long, and they exited the course at 7 minutes, it shouldnt mark as complete. But if they exited  after say at 8.5 minutes then that should mark them complete.

How do i go about doing this?

Thanks for all your help!

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Justin Grenier
Good Afternoon Teresa, and welcome to Heroes!
I'd recommend trying this method with a couple of modifications:
  1. Definitely do the "make this look even less like a quiz question by moving the button off screen and using triggers to automatically select and submit that Pick One question" option as suggested by Mike.
  2. The trigger to "automatically select and submit that Pick One question" should be a ​When Timeline reaches trigger.
Good luck with your project!
Teresa Nisperos

Hi, I tried the first option of adding a pick one slide, hid that to not show as a quiz, chose trigger "when timeline reaches" (for testing purposes set the threshold to just at least 30 seconds into the video before it marks complete), but for some reason, even if i go past 30 seconds, in the LMS it just reports as IN PROGRESS.

I had it published with "track using quiz result", tried all LMS Reporting options as passed/incomplete, passed/failed, completed/incomplete, completed/failed. No luck.

What could i be doing wrong or missing in the process?

Teresa Nisperos

Thanks, Justin!

The team and I brainstormed and found a work around.

We tried using a results slide, embeded the video, added 2 triggers, submit interaction RESULTS SLIDE when the timeline reaches (insert no of seconds here that marks the 80% of the entire video), and then submit results RESULT slide when timeline reaches 80% + 5 seconds of the video length, and Thankfully it worked!!

Thanks for all your help, we couldnt have found this solution without your lead.

Have a great day ahead!


Sophie Victoria

Hello Teresa,

I am trying to do exactly the same thing and came across your post. You tried that 9 months ago, can you share you perspective on this trick? Did you work for your 12 courses? 

I am not sure how understand why the Submit Interaction is = 80% of the video vs Submit results = 80 + 5 seconds. Why the two triggers, and why the 5 sec difference?


Bhagvat Patel

Hi team,

I have quick question: How do I report a simple course with 1 video as completed? 

I've tried to use a pick one interaction, whereby the learner clicks exit course (being the correct pick one interaction) and the interaction is submitted when the user clicks exit course button. 

For some strange reason this does not work, any ideas?

If possible, I'd like to have no results slide displayed, can I just add this to a unrelated scene which is reported back? 



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bhagvat!

Are you using Storyline 360? If so, try using the Course Completion trigger! Here's how:

  • Insert a slide after the video slide. This will be the last slide of the course.
  • On the last slide, insert a button that says "Exit Course."
  • Add this trigger: "Complete Course when user clicks the Exit Course button." This trigger should be on top so it will happen first.
  • Add another trigger: "Exit course when the user clicks the Exit Course button." This trigger should be on bottom so it will happen second.
  • Publish for LMS, and choose Complete Course trigger as the tracking option. 

Let me know if that works for you!

Gila Lepine

HI I'm trying to do something similar (1 slide with a video, 80% of video watched should equal a completion) though everyone's notes above are not resonating. I  tried to use this article to mark course completion:  but I'm not able to get the course to upload to our LMS without failure so I can't test if this even works.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Gila!

I'm happy to help! 

Which version of Storyline are you using, and which LMS are you uploading your course to? If it might be an issue with your LMS, then I recommend using SCORM cloud to troubleshoot your LMS. Here's more information about using SCORM cloud.

Do you mind sharing the project you're working on so that we can see what you've already configured? 

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