Apostrophe issue with Microsoft Edge (and animation issue)

Nov 05, 2019

We're experiencing an odd text issue with HTML5 output displayed in Microsoft Edge as opposed to Internet Explorer. We are also seeing (in Edge only) artefacts of animations in content.

The organisation I work for has locked down PC's, with two browsers installed - IE (v11.1069.17134.0) and Microsoft Edge (42.17134.1038.0).

Storyline v3.33.20697.0.

Issue 1 - Apostrophe in text
Please watch the screen recording I have made of an example project file, which I have also attached.

As you can see, when you work through the slides, the word "We're" displays fine...but jump back a slide and repeat the process again, and suddenly "We're" is displayed poorly.

This doesn't happen when using or displaying content in IE.

Open Sans font used by the way.

Issue 2 - Animation artefact
Please see the screen recording. If you look close, the animated head of the woman sitting down, has a frame that is displayed and then doesn't disappear.

My first instinct is to wonder of this is either a rendering issue of the image and text...or some sort of weird caching issue?



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Philip Roy

Thank you! I really appreciate the time you took to test that.

I do note the animation artefact is still there...but your test made me test more and I think it's an Edge version issue...

  • Edge (Desktop) at work v42.17134.1038.0 = text problem
  • Edge (Desktop) at home v44.18362.1.0 = no problem
  • Edge (work laptop) at home v42.17134.1038.0 = text problem

So the issue seems to be on the slightly older version of Edge at work as opposed to the network I'm on. Again, that very small animation artefact appears on all versions I tested.

Thanks again :-)

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