AppData Temp ST2 = Memory Monster!!!

My AppData file is at 50GB ! I had issues with Storyline 2 eating up space on my computer and I have been saving newer projects to my network drive with 1TB. The problem is that storyline 2 keeps dumping tmp file into my  "AppData\Local\Temp" area.

--- How do I get this to stop?

---Is this due to the new AutoRecovery?

--- Is it safe to delete these files?


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David Sohriakoff

It is the Auto Recovery that is eating up memory.

I used it for an hour and set it to auto recover every 5 minutes. It keeps dumping in 250MB files every 5 minutes. The real issue is when you save a storyline file, it will build up in the AppData\Local\Temp are. The Auto Recovery process just speeds it up.

My suggestion is to disable AutoRecovery and learn to save manually until our awesome storyline peeps can crack the code.

It's safe to delete the files as long as you skip the ones that are open