Apple Boot Camp & Mac or PC ?? ... Laptop PC recommendations?

Jan 30, 2018

Has anyone had any experience using Apple Boot Camp to run Storyline / Articulate 360 products on a Mac? Would you recommend it or is it better to bite the bullet & buy a PC? 

Could someone recommend a quality laptop PC that comfortably supports Storyline / Articulate and other eLearning products.

Thanking you in advance for your time, I'm new to eLearning.

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Andrea Edwards

Hi Kylie, just thought I'd add I'm also new to e-learning and in the market for a new laptop to run Storyline 360 and other authoring tools. It's not an everyday purchase and want to get the best value, as well as understand pros / cons of Mac vs PC (I've only used the latter). I'm finding a lot of old threads. Does anyone have any advice on laptops for new ID's beyond the Storyline specs?

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