Apply default player controls to Custom buttons?

Mar 04, 2022

Hi....I am new to SL and am currently building a course with ALL custom buttons ( Nav, Audio, CC, Menu....). Our client requires a new GUI design each year for specific courses so we can't really use the default player controls.

Wouldn't it be amazing if SL allowed us to apply the same "code/triggers" to our custom buttons that are used in the default Player buttons? For example, if I make a custom audio control button ( mute/play ) I could apply a trigger perhaps labeled "use default audio controls". I would basically be borrowing the built-in code of the standard default audio button.  The attached shows part of what I am doing for my current; custom buttons.  I have found this stuff in forums and example courses. 

Would anyone else like to see this as a feature of SL or am I crazy to think this is possible?   

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