submit button - default vs custom (Storyline 360)

Feb 17, 2020

As a general rule of thumb we generally tend to stick to Storyline's out-of-the-box features, and avoid adding custom features (where possible). This simplifies our course building process and makes our courseware a lot less error prone.

For example, at one point we used custom next/back buttons instead of the out-of-the-box next/back buttons. But discovered that this was not compatible with Storyline's 'review quiz' feature. Custom next/back buttons simply do not work with this feature.

So.. we're now trying to make a decision - whether to use Storyline's default player 'submit' button, or to use a custom 'submit' button. 

Are there any limitations to using a custom 'submit' button? Will this be compatible with other out-of-the-box features? (e.g. review quiz, retry quiz, etc)

I just wanted to put the feelers out so that we can carefully consider our options.

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Randy Hill

Good morning Karen. I use custom next/Prev/Submit buttons all the time on my courses, and have no issues with using them with the built in features like review quiz. You just have to hide and show them based on if the built in review trigger is true or false. The same can be said for the submit button. when review is true you hide the submit button and show the next and prev buttons. You still need to use all the other built in structures for best results, but it is very possible. I have a whole list of courses for Johnson & Johnson that are custom navigation buttons. 

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